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sent that to crooks, refunds for your taxes. when i say the crooks, 585 checks were sent to one address in singapore. [laughter] they sent over 850 checks to one address in lithuania and on one level we have to ask ourselves how we ended up with a government that is so mindless and incompetent that it could do this. if you had to choose this or spending it at the national institute of health and research, i would argue that it would probably be dramatically better. i know that this is a bold and outside of the box, unfair thing. what drives me crazy is that to the best of my knowledge there is no serious effort to think any of us through. i am writing a paper and here is the difference. the oversight hearings by when a group of congressmen get congressmen get together and they pontificate for the opening hour that this is is really bad, i can't believe how bad does. and i'm really embarrassed that this is so bad. and the bureaucrats come in and they all say, well, this is really not quite so bad, but it is pretty bad. and we feel really bad about how bad it is. and we want you to know t
have they been accounted for as a business expense? those flights? is the uk taxpayer funding a tax break for the transfer of stolen funds? -- files? >> you may not be familiar with the tax laws. i think we'll move on to the next -- >> i don't see -- >> order, mr. ellis. >> perhaps we must go to the courtroom in the 1930's. asking you questions. were you surprised at the amount of intelligence gathering which was revealed as a result of what snowden gave to your newspaper and other media outlets? >> i think many people are staggered by the amount of -- >> gave yourself, if i may interrupt, were you -- >> i was staggered. i think we all knew that the intelligence agencies collected a lot of data. and people are still trying to make out as though this data -- as though nothing has changed in the last 15 years since the laws were passed with a lot of analog laws that deal with the digital world. i think the last serious law that -- that was passed about any of this material was 2000, a time when facebook hasn't been invented, when google was doing the initial funding round. and we're p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2